Welcome to the mind.

You consume my thoughts

Crying uncontrollably and not being able to stop

I wish I never met you
I wish I never dated you
I wish I never gave you my heart
I wish I didn’t put up with your bullshit
I wish I knew then what I know now
I wish you would just disappear from my mind
I wish you weren’t the father of my child
I wish I forced you to wear a condom
I wish you had to go through what I’m going through
I wish you were the one who had to be pregnant
I wish you didn’t exist
I wish I didn’t love and miss your family so much
I wish I didn’t miss the friends I made because of you
I wish I could wakeup and have this all just be a twisted nightmare
I wish I could just vanish you from my life
I wish you would just disappear
I wish you had to make the decision and not me
I wish qfskjbavdkjvbwkhdsvqlsavaivhnsjbdvksbddcs
I Fucking hate you with every part of me.

hjfoiahsobvnkjbzoifhqafskjbzkjvbazcnncsoanbsvijbdvijbksvd: Current mood


Iā€™m so done with fake friends and people choosing when they want to be in my life, good riddance šŸ’˜

Afuckingmen to that

Went to the hospital again early this morning and just got out… Bad news is what I have is viral and is just gonna have to run it’s course, but good news is my doctor said I am one strong Momma and doing a great job protecting this baby.


I want seven of you