Welcome to the mind.

Crying uncontrollably and not being able to stop

I wish I never met you
I wish I never dated you
I wish I never gave you my heart
I wish I didn’t put up with your bullshit
I wish I knew then what I know now
I wish you would just disappear from my mind
I wish you weren’t the father of my child
I wish I forced you to wear a condom
I wish you had to go through what I’m going through
I wish you were the one who had to be pregnant
I wish you didn’t exist
I wish I didn’t love and miss your family so much
I wish I didn’t miss the friends I made because of you
I wish I could wakeup and have this all just be a twisted nightmare
I wish I could just vanish you from my life
I wish you would just disappear
I wish you had to make the decision and not me
I wish qfskjbavdkjvbwkhdsvqlsavaivhnsjbdvksbddcs
I Fucking hate you with every part of me.

Pray for my daughter, please.

I’ve been struggling with my faith for forever, but today changed that when I found out my daughter had cysts in her brain… It truly was the most heartbreaking news ever, but my doctor reassured me and said sometimes it happens and it can go away with time (Have my fingers crossed this is the case). Other times though the cysts could be a sign of Trisomy 18, which is an extremely fatal and heartbreaking condition. It causes a numerous amount of problems, and most children either (die at birth) or (don’t make it until their first birthday.) I took a test which will determine if she does have it and I get the results back within ten days. Given my blood work, previous ultrasounds, and the development so far the doctor isn’t too concerned, but still wants to make sure for sure. So please even if you don’t know me pray for my little girl to be healthy and fine, pray for these results to come back negative, pray for the cysts in her brain to go away with time, and pray she enters this world healthy and happier than ever. I love her with every part of me and I cannot lose her. If I lost her I truly don’t know what I would do with myself. My daughter is my purpose, my life, and very reason for my existence. Please, pray for her and keep her in your every thought, it would mean the world to me.

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Iā€™m so done with fake friends and people choosing when they want to be in my life, good riddance šŸ’˜

Afuckingmen to that

Went to the hospital again early this morning and just got out… Bad news is what I have is viral and is just gonna have to run it’s course, but good news is my doctor said I am one strong Momma and doing a great job protecting this baby.


I want seven of you